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Here you will find a variety of helpful Teaching Materials from the Waldorf Educational World, created by Marsha Johnson, of the Support Group Waldorf Home Educators and founder/teacher of Shining Star Waldorf School, located in Portland, Oregon.  Mrs. M has taught in Waldorf schools and for home schooling communities since 1992, and is a student of Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy.

This is a long term project and will expand over time as Mrs.M is able to gather her forces and put into published form, her delightful resources for those who long for spirit-filled curriculum jewels.

These GUIDES are downloadable files that are purchased instantly using a secure shopping cart process. 

You will receive an email indicating the link where the downloaded purchased file is retrievable.

NOTE:  It seems that you can browse the website but can only access the ONLINE STORE from this front page, please note.

We now have a lovely FACEBOOK page, Magic of Waldorf, that you can access and "like", to keep abreast of new materials or provide photos or comments on your experiences with these resources.  Please join us on FB!

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  Mrs. Marsha with Magical Teddy! 
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