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Marsha Johnson, or Mrs. M, resides in Portland, Oregon, and has been a Waldorf Teacher for decades, founded two schools, and currently teaches in a creative home schooling friendly Waldorf school, Shining Star, where families come together to form a learning community of like-minded lovers of childhood, innocence, creativity, artistic education, and inclusion.  She writes her own plays, songs, poems, lessons, blocks, imaginations, and much more, and has created this site in order to share them with others in an organized fashion.  Mrs. M and her husband, Mr. J, have 3 grown children who were able to enjoy Waldorf education.  She is part of the Worldwide Anthroposophical Society and a student of Rudolf Steiner.  She hopes you enjoy these modest contributions and sends you blessings on your own work and endeavors.  We are truly sisters and brothers in 'the work' of helping a new generation into the bright future.

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