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List of Resources Available on Magic of Waldorf Site:

Our most popular item: #113 Line into Life, Form Drawing Guide for Grade 1. This volume has lessons that will take you all the way through a grade one calendar year, with stories and forms, all carefully explained and photographed. Only $20. Includes lessons from the first day to the end of the school year.

The second most popular item: #108 Creating Beautiful Main Lesson Books for Grades 1-5. This Guide will take you on a personal artistic course of learning how to draw yourself and teach you child how to draw with crayons and pencils, to create beautiful and richly detailed main lesson books. The lessons can be used on the blackboard as well, and there are tips to enhance and increase interest using different techniques such as striping, powdering, and adding in other items to create a truly unique work of art. Only $25.

The third most purchased item on this site is #210, Teaching Wet on Wet Painting to Grades 1 & 2. In this detailed volume you will have lessons for two years of water color painting, in the Waldorf Style, using color stories, nature tales, and other imaginations to bring alive the emotion and feeling life of each color. Mrs. M tells you exactly how to introduce the colors, how to encourage the children to 'see' and 'feel' the charactertistics of shy blue, bold red, and sassy yellow, how to set up the painting lesson, the vereses used, the process for this delicate and sacred interaction with the Goethean world of color. This is a treasure for any home-schooling family with children ages six to eight, and is only $20.


Form Drawing
113 Grade One Line into Life Form Drawing
114 Dancing Into Form: Grade Two
1421 Form Drawing Gr 3-4, Planet Earth 12 lessons
2312 Symmetry Exercises for Gr 2-5, Mid Lesson

100 Teaching Yourself & Your Child the Pentatonic Flute
101 Winter Songs for the Pentatonic Flute, Gr 1
119 Rhythm Sticks on Waldorf: Tapping Fun

Grades Blocks:
115 Native American Tales, Grade 2
117 Magic Jataka Tales, Grade 2
103 Lumberjack Math, Grade 2

300 Ancient China Block, Grade 5
98 Ancient India & Mesopotamia, Grade 5
222 Continental N. America, Grade 5
175 Botany For Grade 5, the Waldorf Approach
223 Business Math & Project for Middle School includes decimals, interest and percentages NEW
224 Guide to Astronomy, 32 page guide that brings anyone to a comfortable place for teaching this fascinating subject
226  The History of Chocolate: Decimals & Percentages for 10-11 year olds NEW

Community Guides
104 Original Plays (14 plays)
225 How to Make Waldorf Gnomes/Fundraiser
1223 Waldorf Wooly Vest Project, Sewing Circle
102 The Wisdom of Mrs. M (most popular articles)

111 Beginning Woodwork for Children 3-5
112 Fiber Mixed Age Block:  WOOL, all ages

126 Poems By Mrs. M (over 80 seasonal poems for games, and circle time)

Readers by Ms. Laura
2525 Little Red Riding Hood
0715 Salmon Boy

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