Magic of Waldorf

Our Waldorf Readers

Our Waldorf readers are designed for children in grade 1 and older who are interested in beautiful hand painted images and interesting stories.  The readers offer beautiful pictures that accompany the writing, so that the children can grasp the interaction and meaning of the symbols  that encode thoughts.  These readers can be used many times to help children connect the beauty of the written word with the meaningful and wonderful artwork.

Laura Johnson is a talented artist and Waldorf graduate who read at about age 10, and she has a passion for creating beautiful readers that can be used with children of various ages.  Laura is currently teaching full time at a Waldorf School as a class teacher and also teaches art courses at a local college.  She continues to expand and improve her own art skills in her studio as well.  These readers will inspire you to use the images in chalk drawings, coloring, or other artistic applications.

Laura has included a set of practice words with each reader, to be used prior to beginning the book.  The readers can be used as simply a single page per lesson, or as a read over and over volume.   You can write the practice words on the blackboard or slips of paper, to use as practice words for your beginning reader.

We suggest you print these volumes out on fine quality paper and bind into a book with using a hole punch and finger knitted yarn, with sturdy covers decorated by your child.

We hope you enjoy our Magic of Waldorf Readers, check back to see if a new one has appeared from time to time.

Thank you!
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