Magic of Waldorf


Browse the Online Store to see the items for sale.  These are downloadable files that you will purchase and after purchasing is complete, you can follow the link in your email to locate and download the files.

Ordering is a breeze, no shipping charges!

Due to the high level of color content and photos, we cannot make these volumes into hard copies for the same price at this time.

You can use paypal to order or your credit card.

Please contact me via  if you experience any difficulties.  So far, it has been a silent and simple interaction for the vast majority of purchasers, who then, in an instant, own a piece of Mrs. M! 

Do check back often as I am adding new pieces and will be happy to share more as time passes, here on this site. 

Your purchases help support the work of the inner city Waldorf teacher and the ongoing good work at Shining Star Waldorf School.


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